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The Great Suriname Exhibition

This  comprehensive exhibition about Surinam, a former Dutch colony, tells the fascinating story of this South American country and its people, coming from very different backgrounds. The exhibition covers the entire cultural history of Surinam, from the earliest native settlements, the colonial period with the plantations and slave trade to the independent republic it is today. On show until 1 March 2020.

Only accessible with an e-ticket. Exhibition is sold out.
From Friday, February 21, the exhibition is only accessible with an already purchased e-ticket (also with Museum card and BankGiro Loterij VIP card)! No tickets are sold at the box office. Come on time and take into account a waiting time, which can run up to an hour.

Rich collection
Visitors will be able to explore the country and its history in an impressive setting. The exhibition comprises more than three hundred objects, ranging from archaeological artefacts, photographs, historical documents and clothing to works of contemporary and applied art, film and music from museums and private collections in Suriname and the Netherlands, including the Museum of Suriname (Paramaribo), the Royal Collections (The Hague) and the Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam), which has generously provided more than a hundred objects on loan to the exhibition. Large-scale audiovisual presentations bring this colourful and diverse exhibition to life.

E-tickets The Great Surinam Exhibition
E-tickets for The Great Surinam Exhibition are online available here. You can choose a date and a time slot (= time of entry into the exhibition, example: between 11-12 am). You can then pay for the ticket and you will receive the ticket in your mail (note: sometimes it is in the junk mail box!).

Have you already purchased an e-ticket that does not have a date or time slot on it? Then you can visit the exhibition at any time. We do advise you to come on a weekday, though. Especially in the weekend the exhibition is very busy. Questions about your tickets? View the frequently asked questions here.

Unexpected and personal perspectives
The exhibition presents a comprehensive view of Suriname in all its aspects and offers surprising perspectives. There are many eye-opening revelations about the original inhabitants, plantation culture, slavery, contract workers, cultural diversity, the historic inner city of Paramaribo, the Suriname River and the country’s rich flora and fauna. The exhibition covers well-known historical events but also gives the people of Suriname a voice, as they tell their personal stories in interviews and audiovisual presentations.

The Great Suriname Photo Competition
In conjunction with the exhibition, De Nieuwe Kerk is organising The Great Suriname Photo Competition. Members of the public can participate by sharing their own memories, photos or experiences of Suriname. The winning photograph – chosen by a prestigious jury – will be used in the advertising campaign and given a place in the exhibition. Every month a new winner will be selected and added to the exhibition. The contest begins on Thursday 1 August. Submissions can be uploaded to De Nieuwe Kerk website.

The exhibition makers at De Nieuwe Kerk are working closely with many museums, archives, collectors and artists in Suriname and the Netherlands. In addition, many prominent people are acting as exhibition ambassadors: from authors and historians to recording artists, media personalities and other interested people of all ages. De Nieuwe Kerk is also working with organisations like Kwaku Summer Festival, Stichting Julius Leeft! And Stichting Johan Ferrier Fonds to set up joint activities.