Frequently asked questions about e-tickets

Is it necessary to buy tickets online before visiting?
The exhibition is only accessible with an e-ticket for a specific date and timeslot. This because of the national measures against the corona virus. By using time slots we can ensure that everyone can visit the exhibition safely, undisturbed and pleasantly. A visit to the exhibition takes about an hour.

Can I still buy tickets at the ticket desk?
No, the exhibition is only accessible with an e-ticket. No tickets are sold at the entrance desk.

Is it possible to move my e-ticket(s) to a different date or time?
No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. This is due to the limited capacity within the time slots.

There is a time slot mentioned on my e-ticket. What does ‘entry between’ mean?
This means that you can enter the exhibition between the two times given. Unfortunately, access cannot be guaranteed if you arrive later or earlier than the selected time slot.

Have you ordered a ticket but not received an email?
First check your spam box or junk mail. If the mail is not there either, please contact We are happy to assist you.

Have you ordered a ticket and received an email, but without an attachment?
Please contact us at Are you visiting the exhibition on the same day as you ordered the ticket? Then you are allowed to get to the entrance desk. The staff at the desk is happy to assist you. You must however be able to show the email.

Is it necessary to print the e-ticket(s)?
No, it is not. E-tickets can also be scanned from your smartphone.

Can e-tickets be returned?
No, unfortunately we cannot return tickets ordered online. 

Other questions about your e-ticket?
Is your question not listed? Please contact our reception at