Party Chic MAISON

Styling: Carlo Wijnands.

Party dress belonging to Iris van Lunenburg, television producer and columnist

‘This is a party dress to be seen in! I wore this dress to the Golden Televizier-Ring 2021 Gala at the Theatre Carré. I am a big fan of singer, actress and all-round talent Jennifer Lopez. Not least because of her style. So when I put on a dress for a grand party or a premiere I always think: WWJLD? What Would J.Lo Do? I think this dress would definitely get her approval. In any case, for me it is the perfect party dress for New Year’s Eve!’ – Iris van Lunenburg

Dress, maker unknown
Iris van Lunenburg, Leiden

Trenchcoat Suit by artist Corné Gabriëls

‘Nothing is what it seems with this suit. It is made up of a shirt and trousers, but gives the illusion of a classic trench coat. On your way to a party the trenchcoat suit suggests a festive outfit, including a suit a tie underneath. You present the best version of yourself and, like the party, create an illusion. Nothing is what it seems. For years I have been basing my work on dress codes and playing with trompe-l’oeil effects to put a spin on existing classics.’ – Corné Gabriëls

Corné Gabriëls
Trenchcoat Suit
Cotton, bandana with foil print, 2021 (original 2008)
Corné Gabriëls, Amsterdam 

Scattered Flowers dress by JANTAMINIAU

‘For me, handmade objects have the same beauty nature does, because it is different every time. This one-of-a-kind piece is made from more than 6,000 (six thousand) folded tulle circles. These were then handstitched onto the skirt to create the sensation of airy cloud that embraces the silhouette and from which the dress emerges.’ – Jan Taminiau

Jan Taminiau
Scattered Flowers dress
Silk organza, Frou-Frou tulle, 2021
JANTAMINIAU, Baambrugge/Madrid

David Laport, fashion designer

‘We already live in a society that really overproduces, so what more do we need really? That is why I prefer to design something for a special occasion, an artist, a red carpet or a special evening – such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve – such as this dress worn by the iconic popstar Rihanna. For me there is still room for innovation in that segment of fashion.’ – David Laport

David Laport
Pink Feather Explosion dress
Silk corset with ostrich feathers, 2019
David Laport, Amsterdam

Ferry Schiffelers

‘The fairy tale of the young elite of Versailles comes to life’

Ferry Schiffelers
Golden mini-dress from the Ladies who lunch collection
Knitted ribbons, embroidery consisting of golden ornaments and Swarovski crystals, 2019
Ferry Schiffelers, Amsterdam

Percy Irausquin (1969-2008)

‘It is really lovely that a dress by Percy is being exhibited in De Nieuwe Kerk. Like no other, Percy understood the art of celebrating life, making every day a party. When it rained, it was in the form of sequins and Swarovski crystals. His creations were always exuberant, made to dance in and frequently decorated with surprising ribbons and bows in contrasting colours. Percy was a master of moulage – draping the fabric directly onto the model or the mannequin – and surprising colour usage. He conquered many hearts with his warm personality, exotic energy and un-Dutch flamboyant, flowing dresses. His motto: When in doubt, always overdress.’ — Arjan Mallie (formerly Percy Irausquin’s partner).

Percy Irausquin
Flower Dance Dress
Silk satin and chiffon, January 2007
Collection of Suzy Parker, Amsterdam

Festive smoking belonging to Arno Kantelberg, journalist and national style savant

‘When you don a smoking, you step into the world of gala and glamour. You follow in the footsteps of Jay Gatsby, Cary Grant, James Bond and, if you are wearing a white jacket, of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. At its best, clothing reinforces your identity and translates your character. In this respect, a smoking for me functions like the varnish on top. That is why it is so well suited to festive occasions.’– Arno Kantelberg

Orazio Luciano
Wool and satin (lapel and trouser side stripe), 2021 Arno Kantelberg, Amsterdam

Party dress belonging to Monique van de Ven, actress

Jenny Packham for Pauw Amsterdam
Monique van der Ven, Amsterdam