This weekend grand opening for the Great Indonesia Exhibition

On 17 August 1945, Sukarno proclaimed the independence of Indonesia. Now, almost eighty years on, De Nieuwe Kerk presents The Great Indonesia Exhibition: a show focusing on the history of the largest archipelago in the world, its inhabitants and unparalleled wealth of distinctive cultures. From the ancient days of the Majapahit Empire (fifteenth and sixteenth century) to the Indonesia of today. From the country’s fabulous natural wonders and vast rice fields to colonial rule, the Second World War and Japanese occupation. From ancient ancestor worship and rituals to the current predominance of world religions. The exhibition is an ode to Indonesia’s huge cultural diversity, revealing varying perspectives and areas of friction. With abundant scope for both new angles and concealed areas. Together with a unique collection of historical and contemporary art objects, artefacts, photographs, films, fashion and music, the personal accounts of Indonesians themselves put Indonesia’s compelling history on show as never before.

The exhibition is an invitation to participate and get a glimpse of the wide diversity of Indonesia and the Netherlands shared past.


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The Great Indonesia Exhibition will be on view at De Nieuwe Kerk from next October 21 to April 3, 2024.