Angels tour

Let the angels guide you! Pick up this special tour with spoken word and inspiring music. Archangel Michael is Masterpiece 2019. He and dozens of angels in the medieval and Golden Age interior of The Nieuwe Kerk guide you through the fascinating church history.

Centrepiece is the two-metre-high painting of Archangel Michael by Luca Giordano (ca 1663). It is this years Masterpiece exhibition. It is breathtaking not only for its sheer size, beauty and overwhelming energy, but also for its symbolism, Good vs Evil, typical of the battle between the Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism. The painting has special resonance here, because the church was itself the scene of violent religious conflict at that period: 1578 was the year when the previously Catholic city became officially Protestant. Archangel Michael shows the Bible story of how Michael vanquishes the devil and his renegade angels (Revelation 12:7–9). More information and tickets here.