© World Press Photo 2023: Jonas Kako

World Press Photo 2023

Visit the premiere of the World Press Photo Exhibition 2023 in De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, showcasing the stories that matter with award-winning photography from the 66th annual World Press Photo Contest. The annual exhibition presents the results of the 2023 World Press Photo Contest, the annual exhibition showcases the best and most important photojournalism and documentary photography of the last year, selected by an independent jury.

On Thursday, 20 April, the four Global Winners of 2023 World Press Photo Contest were announced. These winners were selected from the 24 regional winners. All the photos will be on display in De Nieuwe Kerk from Saturday 22 April t0 Sunday 24 September 2023.

See a selection of regional winners below:

© WPP 2023: Hannah Reyes Morales
© WPP 2023: Lee-Ann Olwage
© WPP 2023: Anush Babajanyan
© WPP 2023: Simone Tramonte
© WPP 2023: Alessandro Cinque


© WPP 2023: Jonas Kakó

© WPP 2023: Alessandro Cinque