Meditation with the Centre for Mindfulness

Trainers from the Centre for Mindfulness will give an introduction to mindfulness and its relation to Buddhism, followed by a short guided meditation.

When? Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1PM, 2PM, 3PM and 4PM in the Central Nave of the church.

Participation is free with a valid ticket for the exhibition 

Meditations are also available on the free audio tour . The voices in the audio tour are from:
(1) Breathing Space (3′) by Marjorie Lumet – listen via SoundCloud (link).
(2) Breathing meditation (10′ ) by Marjorie Lumet – listen via SoundCloud (link).
(3) Compassionate breathing (10′) by Christine Braehler – listen via SoundCloud (link).
(4) Breathing meditation (20′ ) by Marjorie Lumet – listen via SoundCloud (link).

Some suggestions when meditating
* Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
* Turn off your phone (or switch to ‘do not disturb’)
* Meditation can be done sitting (on a cushion or on a chair) but also lying down on your back
* When your mind wanders during practicing, don’t worry about it. It’s actually part of the exercise!
* Follow the instructions of the meditation, and try to let go of any expectations you have about doing it right
* Give yourself some time to get familiar with practicing

Meditating on a regular basis will train your attention, like a muscle. Doing so, you begin to create awareness for how you are doing. Starting to discover your needs, and how to take care of them. Meditation helps to deal with the discomforts of life, such as stress and (difficult) emotions. Basically: meditation offers you more freedom and that’s why it’s one of the core exercises in mindfulness training.

The mindfulness training
The most popular and effective Mindfulness training at the moment is the ‘Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training’, also referred to as MBSR. This 8-week training contains a lot of practical exercises to train the mind. It is for everyone who is willing to invest in the quality of their everyday life. The training is open to all people, with or without any challenges or vulnerabilities. MBSR Mindfulness training is solidly grounded in scientific research.

The Centre for Mindfulness
The Centre for Mindfulness in Amsterdam offers a large variety of trainings and education for individuals and professionals. The centre is located in the very heart of Amsterdam, right behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square.

The Centre for Mindfulness is located in the very heart of Amsterdam

link to the website.