Photo Evert Elzinga

Organ concerts

Organ recitals and organ concerts
14 July – 27 August 2017

Every day from noon to 0.30 pm an organ recital,
except on Tuesday 4-5 pm an organ concert

date                                                                             organist

Fr 14 July                                                                  Henk Verhoef
Sa 15 July                                                                 Matteo Imbruno
Su 16 July                                                                 Henk Verhoef
Mo 17 July                                                                Henk Verhoef

Tu 18 July – organ concert
Henk Verhoef, main and transept organ; works by Frescobaldi, Corelli, Buxtehude and Walther

We 19 July                                                                Yuzuru Hiranaka
Th 20 July                                                                 Bob van der Linde
Fr 21 July                                                                  David Schlaffke
Sa 22 July                                                                 Bernard Winsemius
Su 23 July                                                                 Bernard Winsemius
Mo 24 July                                                                Patrick Allen

Tu 25 July – organ concert      
Bernard Winsemius, main organ; works of Bach (incl. the Passacaglia and excerpts of the Art of Fugue)

We 26 July                                                                Wietse Meinardi
Th 27 July                                                                 Patrick Allen
Fr July                                                                        Sander van den Houten
Sa 29 July                                                                 Henk Verhoef
Su 30 July                                                                 Henk Verhoef
Mo 31 July                                                                Henk Verhoef

Tu 1 Aug – organ concert  
Henk Verhoef, main and transept organ; works by o.a. Byrd, Gibbons, Couperin and Marais

We 2 Aug                                                                Bernard Winsemius
Th 3 Aug                                                                  Bernard Winsemius
Fr Aug                                                                      Bernard Winsemius
Sa Aug                                                                     Henk Verhoef
Su 6 Aug                                                                 Henk Verhoef
Mo 7 Aug                                                                Henk Verhoef

Tu 8 Aug – organ concert
Brice Montagnoux (Fr), main organ; works by Sweelinck, Scheidemann, Van Noordt, Frescobaldi, Muffat and Bach

We 9 Aug                                                                 Bert den Hertog
Th 10 Aug                                                                Martijn Thomas
Fr 11 Aug                                                                 Bernard Winsemius
Sa 12 Aug                                                                Bernard Winsemius
Su 13 Aug                                                                Bernard Winsemius
Mo 14 Aug                                                               Henk Verhoef

Tu 15 Aug – organ concert
Bernard Winsemius, main organ; works by Sweelinck, Scheidemann, Buxtehude and Bach

We 16 Aug                                                               Wouter van der Wilt
Th 17 Aug                                                                Gert Amerlinck
Fr 18 Aug                                                                 Arjan Veen
Sa 19 Aug                                                                Bernard Winsemius
Su 20 Aug                                                                Bernard Winsemius
Mo 21 Aug                                                               Henk Verhoef

Tu 22 Aug – organ concert
Ute Gremmel-Geuchen (D), main organ; works by Sweelinck, Steigleder, Buxtehude and Bach (excerpts from the Clavier-Übung)

We 23 Aug                                                               Alessandro Alonzi
Th 24 Aug                                                                Bernard Winsemius
Fr 25 Aug                                                                 Bernard Winsemius
Sa 26 Aug                                                                Henk Verhoef
Su 27 Aug                                                                Matteo Imbruno