Photo Evert Elzinga

The Great Surinam Exhibition in great historic monument

In the first twelve weeks, The Great Surinam Exhibition welcomed a record 100.000 visitors. The monumental gothic and renaissance interior proves to be a great setting for the impressive design of the exhibition, that tells the story of the former Dutch colony. Several of Holland’s kings and queens, married and inaugurated in the Nieuwe Kerk, visited Surinam. In 1975, Crown princess Beatrix was present at the country’s independance ceremony. Along with hundreds of unique historic objects, the green gown she wore at that event, is on display in the exhibition.

The Great Surinam Exhibition tells the fascinating story of the South American country and its inhabitants, a community of people from very different backgrounds. The exhibition covers the entire cultural history of Surinam, from the earliest native settlements, the colonial period with the plantations and slave trade, to the independent republic it is today.

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Earliest cultures of Surinam
Earliest cultures of Surinam, photo Evert Elzinga
Marronage culture
Marronage culture, photo Evert Elzinga