Foto: Evert Elzinga

Journey in Time

Journey in Time. History & Royalty is a unique time-travel experience. Step back into the history of Amsterdam and the House of Orange. Experience the main events in the history of De Nieuwe Kerk, right where they took place.

Six centuries return to life as you encounter Holland’s greatest naval heroes and discover the ceremonies of our kings and queens. Along the way you’ll run into medieval secrets, royal traditions, and free-spirited city people. Your journey will take you from Catholic devotion to Protestant iconoclasm, and you’ll visit the crusader and East India Company (VOC) trader buried here.

Featuring six video walls, light projections, an audio guide, a Wifi photo shoot, and celestial sounds from the Netherlands’ largest historic pipe organ. Click here for the organ recitals and organ concerts programme.

Royal church

  • The brass choir screen: the setting for the inaugurations of all heads of state, and of the wedding (2002) and investiture of H.M. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima
  • The Kerkmeesterskamer (church warden’s room): a royal suite for visits by the king and queen, foreign heads of state, and other dignitaries, such as the Dalai Lama
  • Stained-glass windows
  • Display of the 72 coats of arms of the former possessions of the House of Orange-Nassau

Medieval church

  • Gothic building, consecrated in 1409
  • Original frescoes, hidden for centuries under the layer of white paint added when Protestants came to power in 1578
  • One of the original ten chapels, the Boelenskapel, has been restored to its medieval atmosphere The richly decorated tomb of the crusader Claes Hillebrantsz. Boelens den Otter, concealed from the public for decades

Church of naval heroes

  • Richly decorated tomb and crypt of Michiel de Ruyter (1607–1676)
  • Richly decorated tomb of Jan van Galen (1604–1653)
  • Epitaph of Wolter Jan Gerrit, Baron Bentinck (1745–1781)
  • Richly decorated cenotaph of Jan Hendrik van Kinsbergen (1735–1819)

Daily concerts

Every day, there is music in the Nieuwe Kerk, just as there was in the seventeenth century. At noon every day except Tuesdays, visitors can hear a performance on the main organ, the largest historic pipe organ in the Netherlands. On Tuesdays, we offer special concerts: performers have included Het Zwanenkoor, Ellen ten Damme and Wibi Soerjadi.